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Thread: Guardians of the Faith is coming to Greybriar

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    Default Guardians of the Faith is coming to Greybriar

    We are a bunch of players from way back in DAOC on pellinor server. I think we have been in pretty much every other game since then.
    We have a good core group and are recruiting for new members that are looking for a good group of friends to enjoy this game with.
    Most of us are older players and we dont take the drama of the younger generation.
    We plan on doing all content both warfronts and raids and what ever else comes down the road.

    Hop by http://guardiansofthefaith56578.yuku.com/ and post up in the member request fourm or find us at head start!
    We also use Team Speak 3 as our voip.

    See you there!
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