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Thread: [MerC] is Recruiting New Players!! (Casual/Mature/Fun)

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    Thumbs up [MerC] is Recruiting New Players!! (Casual/Mature/Fun)

    MerC InC is recruiting new players for Rift!
    We used to be on Deepwood but now hope to find a new home for our members as well as make new friends here on Wolfsbane!

    Some things to know about our guild:

    -We are a new casual guild specifically for Rift that is focused on creating a tight knit/personal community of gamers who are laid back and know how to enjoy themselves while playing with others.

    -We are not a super hardcore or extremely regimented guild. We understand our members have lives outside of the game!

    -We are based in the U.S. EST (UTC - 5 hours) but are open to members from other time zones!

    -We have a private Ventrilo server for our members.

    -Our initial focus is PvE. This includes Raids/Dungeons/Questing/etc. We also do Warfronts PvP.

    -We know how to take care of business when it is necessary, but having a good time is always the primary focus!

    -We do not discriminate. Our members already range from players who are very well-versed in MMO's to players who just started Rift as their first. We welcome everyone as we believe all members have something to offer to the community!

    We are currently recruiting members ages 18+ with any level of experience.

    If you think you want to join us, feel free to do so at:

    We look forward to playing with our members during the head start and post-release as well as meeting new friends on Wolfsbane!!
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    [MerC] is recruiting Rift players!
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    You may have seen the ridiculous wait times, but don't worry, it's still in beta! The devs will fix it later
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