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Thread: Cairde Ferox - Hardcore PvE/ PvP Guild Now Recruiting!

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    Default Cairde Ferox - Hardcore PvE/ PvP Guild Now Recruiting!

    We are aligned with the Defiant faction and we are here to stay on the Seastone shard. Composed of adult ((that is 18+ yrs only)) male and female self described “casually” hardcore MMO players.

    We are currently recruiting all archetypes and soul combinations for game content ranging from PVE Raiding to World to Premade PvP.

    A little background on our guild’s core, we are a close knit group of boiz and grrlz ((gasp! women play video games?!)) that have splintered from our mother guild on a popular MMO that we will not be mentioning here. ((Believe me, as our fellow Beta testers know, and likely as Live game chat will prove you’ll be tired of hearing about it if you aren’t already.)) Most of us have been playing there for years and well… Change is good.

    Check us out on our website here for more information and by all means, submit an app. If you're a like-minded individual we'd love to have you, and hope to see you in HeadStart.
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