As the title states, Cruel and Unusual is looking for people to add to our ranks. We have a core group of people who have been playing MMO's as long as they have existed and we finally organized in Dark Age of Camelot. You can find us at, feel free to apply! We have a private Ventrilo server and private forums.

We have players ranging from hardcore raiders to casual explorers. We believe in a living model, so we will not label ourselves until we determine what the community as a whole chooses later in the game's life.

We are currently looking to boost our numbers, so at this point we have open recruiting (TEMPORARY ONLY, that is not our guild model). Feel free to find us on Seastone/Guardian and ask for an invite. As long as you are mature (not just in the guild, reports of ******baggery from non-guildies will result in a gkick) you should enjoy our community. Our average age is about 30 years old but we realize there are exceptional players of all ages. Bring your sense of humor and an open mind!