Hi all, I thought I'd take a moment to post here about my guild, Corrupted Essence.

Please check out our webpage/forums at www.corruptedessence.com

Following are some frequently asked questions about what Corrupted Essence is about:

Q: What is Corrupted Essence?
A: Corrupted Essence is a guild in the online game RIFT: Planes of Telara. We are based on the Faeblight server, and are members of the Defiant faction. We are a mature group of gamers, many of whom have been playing together for quite some time. All of us are 18+, but most are working folk in our 30s.

Q: How long has Corrupted Essence been around?
A: In its current Incarnation, Corrupted Essence has been around since the open beta of RIFT: Planes of Telara. Prior to that, we've been on a number of different games, including Dark Age of Camelot, EVE, and Everquest 2, Warhammer Online, Aion, and Perpetuum.

Q: Do you have any activity requirements or mandatory guild events, such as mandatory raid nights?
A: We do not require our members to participate in guild events if they don't want to, but whats the fun of being in a guild if you don't do things with your guildmates!? As far as activity goes, we will only remove someone for inactivity if we need to make room for a new member. That being said, we won't remove anyone who has been inactive for less than fourteen (14) days. Of course, if you are going to be gone longer than that, just drop us a line on the forums letting us know, or via in-game mail, and you'll be spared the axe. And if something unforseen happens and you are removed, we'll be happy to get you back in as soon as you come back to the game.

Q: Is there a minimum level requirement to become a member?
A: We donít currently have any minimum level requirements in order to become a member. Everyone is new to the game at the moment, and while a few of our members are somewhat knowledgeable about how things work, we are all learning together, and willing to help out new people to the game.

Q: What kinds of things does the guild focus on?
A: Our membership is quite varied. We have members interested in PvP, Raiding, Crafting, Exploring, and Roleplay.

Q: What methods of communication does the guild use?
A: The guild currently has a Ventrilo Server to facilitate communication between its members. We also have guild forums on the webpage, which we use for our offline communication. Pay special attention to the calendar on the webpage, and be sure to sign up for any events that pique your interest.

Q: Are you looking for specific roles?
A: Currently we are accepting any roles to the guild. We are planning on being a well-rounded guild, capable of enjoying all of the content that will be in the game. With everyone working together, a well rounded guild can rely on each other without having to depend on outside agencies to fill our deficiencies.

Q: What if I have a question thats not listed here?
A: If you have any questions not covered in this document, please feel free to send me a PM or send an in game mail to Kritus. If I am online in-game, you can also send me a tell and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Leader - Corrupted Essence
Faeblight / Defiant