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    We are a freshly formed guild for Rift with roots and members from both Brutal & Anarchy from Warhammer Online. Our core is pre-made pvp war-front focused and late game raiding. We will be leveling together when the servers go live on Faeblight Shard. We are a mix of all time zones, with our goal being to have members on to play together at all hours of the day & night.

    Overall we are mostly 25 plus guild of mature players. If you are interested in joining our guild please send me a pm. We are mostly seeking to find players who are willing to grow a large core & foundation for many months and hopefully years to come in Rift. While we do not require a lot from our members we are only seeking active players who can commit at least 4 days a week or more to our guild. Not hardcore by any means, but we want to build pre-made groups with players who will be playing and getting to know each others play-styles which requires playing together a lot.

    If you really want to be a part of a tight-knit guild please feel free to apply or email us. Why waste your time in a large guild where no one hardly knows you? build this guild with us and be a part of something great !

    You can find out more about us on our guild portal at
    Our site will be where new members apply for membership once Rift goes live tomorrow and once completed . Thanks!

    Edit we moved to Estrael the Que for faeblight conquered us
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    www.deceptionrift.guildportal.com DAOC, WAR, WOW, R.I.P

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