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    Default <IDDQD Now Recruiting> <D>

    Hello fellow Deepstrike Defiant, IDDQD, an extremely active PvP guild is now recruiting skilled and experienced players. We will be focusing mainly on all forms of PvP and all forms of PvE raiding.

    We're West coast Pacific/Mountain time players experienced in many MMOs as well as competitive FPS and RTS games. We value ability, communication, and having too much fun over all.

    Currently, we're recruiting all positions. If you know what you're doing, we'll consider any spec, but be ready to perform near your best as we're about winning as a group, not carrying bads. Winning is fun, we promise! Ventrilo is a MUST so have Vent ready to go. A microphone is not required on your part, but is greatly appreciated.

    If you have any interest in having an awesome time with us leave your info below or PM me. Please include info such as:

    Character Name:
    Time Zone:
    Time Availability:

    And now, some more random details about IDDQD.

    We are not white knights, there are no rules because we don't need rules to be good at a video game, we are organized only when the situation calls for it, we value respect and friendship very much, we don't take ourselves too seriously, but we play seriously.
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