The Call of Fate is a mature, multi-game community established in 1999 in Asheron's Call. Over the years we have had branch's in multiple online games, including DAoC, AC2, EQ2, SWG, Horizons, WoW, Vanguard, CoH, and Warhammer, as well as various others. More than just a gaming guild, at heart Call of Fate is a community.

The Call of Fate, or CoF for short, will be coming to the Faeblight server under the leadership of Kigva, our Rift branch guildmaster. We look forward to seeing familiar faces from the past as well as making new friends as we all begin this new venture. We invite you to look any of us up ingame as well as we invite one and all to visit our home at (a brand new server platform for those that have visited us in the past)

The following is our credo and mission statement.

Respect thy leaders, respect thy fellows, respect thy friends, and respect thyself.

Built upon a foundation of respect, the Call of Fate exemplifies the spirit of friendship and mutual support in a variety of venues, both in the games we play and within our community at We strive to encourage one another; to spur each other on to the heights of success in our individual endeavors while acknowledging a variety of play styles, ability levels and motivations - this is our singular identifying characteristic.

Though we are tolerant and helpful, we frown upon entitlement; for only through hard work and concerted effort will we improve as individuals and thereby as a guild. We are home to the whole gamut of personalities, and though we recognize that like-minded individuals will gravitate to each other, we are at our heart an inclusionary group.

Our doors are open to the dreamer, the wanderer, the mystic, the jester, the leader, the follower, the powerful and mild alike; cross us and learn that we are all one - we are family, we are friends, we are the Call of Fate.