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Thread: Rise of the Tyrants Hardcore PVP/PVE

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    Default Rise of the Tyrants Hardcore PVP/PVE


    We are a battle hardened clan with years of experience in LotRO, Darkfall, and various other MMOís. Though small, we represent the elite with several world and server first achievements. If you are a casual gamer, look elsewhere. Tyrants are committed to being the best in both raiding and PVP. If you want to push your character to the limit and have fun doing so with other like minded gamers look no further. We donít have a trial, or recruit period. Once youíre in youíre in. Be warned however, we will NOT put up with immaturity, trolling chat channels, etc. We plan to fight for the Defiants on the Seastone server. If you are interested in joining send me a PM on the forums or send Kuroth or Sev a tell in-game during any of the upcoming beta events. In between events we can be found in our vent server; vent info will be given accordingly to any interested. As one final note to any Guardians planning to play on whichever server we choose. Get used to seeing our tag, as it will be floating over your dead corpse very soon.

    PVP compilation video

    Hope to see fellow defiant guild come launch, and some good Guardian opposition.

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    You can also msg Sev, Hammy, or myself (Kuroth) ingame for more info


    not putting my video up aswell, you bastard!
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