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Thread: Iron-Bound Recruiting

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    Default Iron-Bound Recruiting

    Who we are

    Originally founded in 2006, Iron-Bound has spanned multiple games and we enjoy multiple game styles from FPS, MMO, RTS and more. Iron-Bound is a group of mature gamers who look to have a good time together while being the best we can be in the games we become a part of. Our focus is mostly in the realm of PVP, but we enjoy all aspects of gaming which include PVE, End Game Raids, and RP. Iron-Bound strives to enhance our members’ online gaming experience through the use of actively supported forums, voice communication and an in game community based on teamwork and camaraderie.

    Expectations of our members are straight forward. We expect you to get involved and exhibit a consistent presence in game, in Ventrilo, and on the community forums. Contributions to the community can be in any form; positivity, advice, tech skills, art skills, a funny you tube link and so on. We simply as that you support and respect the community that supports you.

    We are not "Hardcore"...however...

    Iron-Bound is not a hardcore gamers guild… the #1 distinction is… we do not expect members to adhere to certain play times and log long hours in pursuit of our goals. We have all styles of players in our community, some log many hours in game, others do not, but we achieve balance and it works well for our community.

    ALTHOUGH… this does not mean that we’re not committed to the games we play. We look for members that will be committed to our group and active within our community. We can have a laid back attitude, but our main goal in the game is to win; to work together and win the challenges laid out before us. We consider ourselves Semi-Hardcore & Casual Friendly offering those gamers that might not have the time they once did to invest in gaming a solid group that is still dedicated, loyal, and team oriented.

    We want people that will play the game and understand their role and class to achieve the best group dynamic we can. Again, the object of the game is to win and have a great time in the process, and we take this seriously, so we expect the same from all of our members, but also understand that your time can and will be divided amongst other responsibilities in life.

    What’s the word on Recruitment?

    Iron-Bound does not endorse mass recruiting in any way shape or form. We look for people that are in agreement with our guidelines, which is not at all difficult. We’re laid back and drama free, but like we stated above, we’re dedicated. Ventrilo is required for the game and the recruitment process, and you will be asked to meet and become active on the Server.

    We often limit the amount of members we recruit to stay within a manageable size and feel. This benefits the entire group, and allows all of us to work together and build a stronger community.

    Teamwork is essential.

    Iron-Bound is focused on teamwork and the group atmosphere, and we will always adhere to this simple principle.

    If have a solid understanding of the group dynamic in gaming and think you play well, then you’re welcome and encouraged to place an application. You’re skill level can vary, we don’t expect perfection, but what we do expect is some dedication to learning the class you pick, and to stick with it within reason.

    Those that are quick to flare up and rage quit over a loss need not apply...we expect a modest amount of self-discipline.

    If you feel like your principles are in line with ours....

    We are on the Briarcliff server. Check us out and apply here.


    Be sure to specify that you are interested in joining our community for Rift in your application.
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