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Thread: [D] <Meridian Vice> PvP Guild Now Recruiting!!!

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    Default [D] <Meridian Vice> PvP Guild Now Recruiting!!!

    <Meridian Vice>
    Defiant Guild of the
    Briarcliff PvP Server

    Meridian Vice is a new Defiant PvP guild that is now recruiting! We are in the Eastern time zone, (-5 GMT) and we are looking for players to enjoy Warfronts and World PvP with.

    We will be a casual PvP guild on the Briarcliff server, with organized premade Warfronts and PvP raid events happening on a random basis. We will mix in PvE content whenever, but it will definitely not be our focus. Our most active times will be from 7pm on in the Eastern time zone. While experience in PvP is certainly not required, it is strongly encouraged, and those that are new to it will be tutored in the ways of killing the Guardians.

    If you would like to learn more about us, please check out our About Us page on our Website!

    We are currently recruiting every Calling and role. If you are knowledgeable about your Calling, please consider one of our Officer positions!

    Website: http://meridianvice.com/index/ The website is still very much under construction, so please bare with us as we make it better!
    Ventrilo: Members are required to have Ventrilo, and be on it during our events. The info will be posted on the website.
    Recruitment: Post in this thread, PM me, or post in our Application Forum!

    Feel free to post any questions or comments, or PM me!
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