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Thread: <Those Guys>[Deepstrike-Defiant](US EST) Recruiting skilled bros for PvE/PvP

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    Default <Those Guys>[Deepstrike-Defiant](US EST) Recruiting skilled bros for PvE/PvP

    <Those Guys> have been together for nearly a year and are comprised of MMO veterans from all different types of games. We are taking a relaxed, social but serious approach to Rift, looking for players who want to be the best they can at their class but also enjoy and learn the game with an experienced group of players. Rift is shaping up to be a game where at any time of day, somebody can say, “Hey bro, wanna go open a rift?” And the other guy can respond, “Sure bro, let me switch to my tank role real quick.” The amount of content in the world combined with the flexibility of the classes creates a dynamic setting but keeps all of the players in a guild busy. We want to create a Rift community where we have plenty of experienced players and active members that can take advantage of this dynamic game and create a long lasting guild from the beginning of Rift.

    Who Are We?

    Most of us are 18-30 year olds who have college/a job/or a girlfriend to attend to, but make no mistake, we love gaming. We love the team work that comes with raiding. Our officers have 5-6 years of raiding experience in top end, server first guilds. If we aren’t in raiding, then we are PvPing, questing, or in vent goofing off. We are certainly a gaming community and welcome any students/employees/or bachelors who are looking to join us at launch for a fun, competitive atmosphere.

    Guild Information

    Drink: Orange Fanta
    Lead Drummer: Palco (Future Paladin Tank)
    National Anthem Singer: Katie Perry

    Raid / PvP Times

    The most active times will typically be 7-12est server weekdays / weekends.


    Currently recruiting all callings / classes for Head Start Launch

    Loot Rules

    We will use a loot council system consisting of 3 officers.

    Launch Day Plans

    There is no application required for Head Start launch recruitment. We will be rolling on Deepstrike on the 24th. I hope you decide to play and learn the game with us, and if you have any questions or wish to join please e-mail me at TGrift@hotmail.com or visit our website at http://thoseguys.guildlaunch.com/
    Thank you for reading and happy rifting.
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