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Thread: Malevolence is recruiting potential Campfire hunters

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    Default Malevolence is recruiting potential Campfire hunters

    -=General Info.=-

    For starters we are a guild consisted of friends who game together alot and are a close knit group. There isn't a whole lot to know about us except that we have gamed together for a long time. Most of us hail from WoW and other games we have played over the years. We have run Malevolence in WoW and it was pretty successful throughout BC. We late split up and either joined other guilds otgether or went our own ways. When we tried out rift during the beta events we loved it and at first started up Malevolence just to be in a guild. We ended up picking up 50+ members give or take during the last beta event then we thought about it and wanted to become a serious guild at that point. We told ourselves hmm if we got this many people just messing around I wondering what it would be like if we became serious. So here we are offering our invite to anyone seeking a Defiant guild and just seeking some cool and ecperienced people to play Rift we.

    Also listen here for our radio interview on Trollradio.com for more info: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHJiHSkaIwE

    -=Experience in Gaming=-

    A lot of us have held Leadership positions in guilds and or ran thier own, so we have the experience needed to be a decent guild. We will be playing on the PvP Shard of Reclaimer which is a PvP server in beta. Our experience comes from many years of playing just about every MMO out there including the free to play games. We are currently seeking a captains and officers at the moment and we require some form of experience leading groups and organization skills. For those positions we require you to be on vent and speak with us and do a small interview and play with us to show us you can handle some responsibility.


    At first there won't be alot of expectations other then help the guild with guild quests and try to level as fast as you can so we can see end game and perferably dominate world and warfront pvp. While we tend to lean more PvE then PvP tho we do love a good world pvp battle then a bg or warfront in this case. We are just a group of friends wanting to find like minded individuals to group up with for a common goal of doing end game and pvp. But first and foremost we want to have fun doing it all. We would rather have less members at the price of them being better players then a ton of just mediocre players. One of our goals isnt to try to be the one of those ******y server first guilds who make the game into a 2nd job. Though server firsts are nice for bragging rights but we just simply don't care about that. We are recruiting for both Hardcore/Semi Hardcore-Casual PvE and Hardcore/Semi-Hardcore-Casual PvP. We will be focusing both spectrums.


    We have a temp Ventrillo setup for the moment but will probably be expanding the number of people allowed on it as we grow. (Message me for info if interested in joining). We do not force the use of ventrillo but we highly suggest getting to know the people in the guild who you will be grouping with. We only make using vent manditory during Raiding ,PvP or grouped instances that you need to be able to coordinate strats to each other. If this is a problem with you this probably isnt the place for you. (Certain exceptions will be made if the reasoning is sound.)

    We will also be using a Guild website and forums to keep in touch till release comes.

    http://www.malevolence-guild.org (New and improved website)

    Any questions dirrect towards Me,Darkrezz, or EthanFrost through the guild site pls and thank you.
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    Default Found our theme song ...

    OK didn't really "find" it per-say .... been in my faves for a while ...

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