We are a brand new guild.
Twisted Sin is a brand new guild (Oooohhh Shiny!!) that will be formed during Headstart for RIFT. Join us and help steer this guild along. New people, new adventures!

We are a casual guild.
We are not slave-drivers (though if you want to be a slave, I am sure we could accommodate). No need to worry about attendance requirements. Just play and have fun.

No drama here.
We frown upon drama. Any drama in the guild will be dealt with by leadership quickly via expulsion. If you are a know-it-all and want everyone else to know that through patronizing them, don't join us. If you are a princess who thinks the guild should cater to you because you have a sexy voice in Ventrilo and a cute RL pic, don't join us. If you are a whiner, don't join us.

Visit our forums and under the Recruitment forum post your interest in joining us and we will look for you in the game. We prefer members had access to Ventrilo as well.