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Thread: Synergy -- a Guardian guild on the Byriel server is now accepting members

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    Default Synergy is now accepting members (G)

    No big fancy recruitment post to woo you into a guild here. I am just going to wing it and put a little info about us out there and let those interested take it from there.

    First our webpage is located at http://synergysanctum.com (that sanctum part was just a nice coincidence).

    Synergy was formed by me and 3 other friends back in 2003 and since then has had a guild presence in many games from FFXI, Horizons, SWG, and yes even WoW.

    In Rift we will be focusing on endgame 20 man raiding primarily, but our members like to do a little of everything and I am sure you will see us mixing it up in the warfronts and rifts as well. We are openly recruiting any interested players during the leveling process, but it is likely that as we near endgame recruitment may become more selective based on the need at the time.

    We have our own Ventrilo server as well and many of the veteran members hang out on it just about whenever we are at our PC's.

    If you are interested head on over to our site linked above and register and make a post saying hi. If you have any questions you can ask there or PM me here and I will gladly respond.
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