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Thread: the Scarlet Underground is back!

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    Default the Scarlet Underground is back!

    NOTICE: We've moved to Corthana.


    Scarlet Underground is a guild made up mostly of experienced, mature MMOGers with a community history dating back to the early days of the original Everquest. Born from members of the Everquest guild on Terris-Thule, we continue the guild’s rich tradition of being perhaps not the most uber guild, but most certainly one of the most well respected in the community. We continue to be a small, tight-knit group of individuals who value friendship and family over levels and loot.

    Brief History

    Established in 1999, Scarlet Underground made an early appearance in Everquest. Over the years, the guild competed for content on the Terris-Thule server among the small to medium sized guilds. After the MMO wars began and third gen hit the market, guild populations began to dwindle as players moved on to bigger and shinier games. Scarlet Underground transitioned into Everquest 2 at its launch with a new name, Crimson Underground. Nearly 10 years later, we made a home in Lord of the Rings Online on the Silverlode server. Now after a long absence from any official activity, the Scarlet Underground returns to gaming in Telara, the world of RIFT, on the Corthana server


    While RIFT is still young and developing, our goals are simply to gather our members together and build a strong community guild. Over the next many months we will assist each other in gaining strength through levels, gear, and game experience. We will learn to master our individual soul trees in the solo and group environment. Once we have a solid roster of able bodies we will venture into dungeons and raids.


    Scarlet Underground is currently open to all specializations and levels. We desire mature players that can show respect to all members of the guild as well as the general population of Corthana. While raiding is not an issue at this time, it will be a big focus of the guild as we progress. However, this does not mean we won’t welcome the casual gamer. Simply put, if you are an avid player who can play well with others and keep a calm hand in times of conflict, Scarlet Underground would love to have you.

    Recruitment is subject to change without notification as the guild progresses and expands.

    To apply, please register at our forums and make a post in the recruitment forum. Please read the recruitment post before posting.
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