Built from the ashes of many MMO's we travel to the lands of Rift. Open to new people but not actively recruiting, you will find us at http://war.groan.ca

We are a good sized bunch of approximately 40+ players. Half at least will be joining us in Rift. We are a casual league of players, eager to gain levels and eager to play...at our own pace.

Loosely structured we have a leader and some officers, but we make little demands of our players but to have a good time, treat your fellow guildies well and DONT BE LATE FOR DINNER!

We have our own Ventrilo server. We enjoy a good laugh and we like maturity, to a degree. Nothing is stopping you from having fun, but dont be a baby, or a child. teenager sometimes but NEVER a tween. i dont even know what a tween is so just dont.

That's us in a nutshell.
I'll let some other Decimators chime in to ..uh..chime in.

and um. Boo guardians! you don't even deserve a capital letter!