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Thread: Family safe PVE raiding guild - Family of raiders!

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    Default Family safe PVE raiding guild - Family of raiders!

    Family of raiders will be a guild for those of you who are looking to raid in a safe environment for everyone! Respectful in nature and not cussing every other word will be required, and is more important then what kind of damage/healing/or health you have. Gear can be gotten, classes can be learned, and everyone can accomplish what they want when everyone works together! This is a fresh guild, so officer positions are open for those who are interested and show potential. If this sounds like the kind of environment you are interested in starting your journey in Rift with, I highly encourage you to check out our website by clicking here and applying to the guild!

    I would also like to point out that at 1:01PM, you will not be getting an immediate invite to the guild as i am going to have to level up and get the money to get the charter before official invites go out. I want to let you all know if your application is accepted on the website, you will be getting an invite in game.

    EST-CST people preferred but not required.
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