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Thread: The Ithilmar Phalanx is recruiting

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    Default The Ithilmar Phalanx is recruiting

    Who are we:
    The Ithilmar Phalanx has been around for a decent number of years, with various name changes throughout that time as we merged or was joined by other people. The core playstyle and expectations were created when we were originally members of the guild Avatars of Justice (AoJ) on the Atlantic UO shard. We then moved to AC2 server Thistledown, where we joined the guild Order of the Sacred Moon, which showed us the fun and potential, both negative and positive, of having a family style casual guild. Members began filtering out to FFXI and WoW after the closing of AC2, where we met others and joined other guilds over time.

    Eventually The Ithilmar Phalanx was created on the Bretonnia Server for WAR, unfortunately the first server merge weakened our numbers to much to be effective on the battlefield, so we joined the guild Sword of the Dragon on Badlands, which was another casual guild. Alot of members from SotD moved from WAR to Aion, to LotRO, and now Rift.

    What do we believe in, and why:
    Even through all the moves and transitions the guild members have gone through, we have always been a part of the community. Tasks don't need to be large for people to respect you; simple things like healing those in need or even answering a question is all it takes in some cases.

    Be good to the community, and the community will eventually be good to you.

    What we do:
    It's the nature of the casual guild not be focused entirely focused on any particular aspect of the game, and the same holds true for us. Players should feel free to spend their time in the game doing whatever they feel is more entertaining, be it crafting, dungeon diving, or PvP. The only thing we request from our members is that they act in a mature way, helping each other and other players when possible.

    With the way we expect our members to play, we will do casual raiding come endgame, but nothing hardcore of the sort.

    Where will we be located:
    The Ithilmar Phalanx will be forming on the Defiant side of the Keenblade PvE server.

    How to contact us:

    Our website will be the easiest place to reach our members as well as apply for the guild. Players can also feel free to contact the guild members in game for any inquiries.
    ***Somebody has to be willing to push to get the ball rolling***

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    We're a fun guild that enjoys doing things together and just having fun. You can send a tell in game to either Gackt or Miyavi and I'll let you in or give you more info.

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