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Thread: Looking a solid PvP guild

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    Default Looking a solid PvP guild

    Hello everyone. I've always enjoyed PvP servers and have decided this Shard will be my home come the start of the Headstart tomorrow. My RL friend and I primarily PvP. I do some occasional PvP. So the first thing I'm looking for in a guild is a strong PvP base. He'll be starting about a week from now. I finally sold him on the idea of playing Rift so he won't be picking it up until it hits shelves. But I just wanted to see if there would be any guilds that would want to take us in?

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    check us out and contact Teregoth if interested.

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    Default Join Manafest

    You should join Manafest

    Check out what I've built already for the guild on a subdomain of mine, only started the site the other day.

    (site is still under development in some area's but, you can see where its headed.)

    We have a ton of pvp xp,
    Guild Master of

    on the Stonecrest Shard
    The #1 Guardian Guild
    Guild Site: http://rift.manafest.info

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