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Thread: MT Healing Cleric and DPS Cleric LF Guild - Defiant

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    Exclamation MT Healing Cleric and DPS Cleric LF Guild - Defiant

    Hello Everyone,

    My boyfriend and I are looking for a Defiant Guild to call our home. We are planning on staying on Byriel and looking to level and raid end game content. We both come with 15-20 years of gaming and MMO experience with a range of MMOs dating back in the early 90s.

    I (Shadowstarr) will be playing a MT Healing Cleric (Purifier, Warden, Sentinel) and Malagant will be playing a DPS Cleric (still researching best soul mixes).

    We both enjoy PVE as well as PVP and plan on being on at 10am PST sharp tomorrow morning and all day Friday to level up.

    We both have Vent/Teamspeak and are very easy going people (I guess that comes with age :P). We hail from Alberta Canada (MST).

    If you feel we might be a good fit, please post your guild website or information. I hope we find a home we can call our own and stay with for the duration of our time with this game.


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    Limited Edition would love to have you. We are an adult oriented guild, so we love a more drama free environment. We are very much looking forward to conquering the end game raiding, and pvp. But we never forget any member, always helping any member where possible. Alot of us are coming over from other mmo's, and much like yourselves, have been playing for years. Love to talk to ya on teamspeak to see if you'll have us.

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    Hello, Desolation is a guild that is forming on Byriel. Here's info from our forum post :

    Desolation is a guild to be formed on the server Byriel. We intend to play Defiants so all you Gaurdians go elsewhere! :P

    Desolation will be formed on the day of the headstart release.

    This guild's main focus will be on 20 man content, with 10 man raids all through out the week, with a possible side dish of some PVP here and there.

    Raid times will be Tues-Thurs 7-10PM CST (Central Standard Time)

    Currently seeking anyone and everyone even if you do not plan on raiding(just note it in the app!).

    This guild is being formed by a few friends who have extensive history of MMOs. You name it, we probably played it, and played it well. We are coming from a high end raiding guild in WoW, so we are determined to have a spot in Byriel's top guilds.

    Me and the co founder started this guild over the weekend in the last BETA event, apps are steady coming in but we need more!

    Raiding will probably start shortly after headstart release (a month at max for 20 mans, 10 mans much sooner) depending how fast we can polish off our roster.

    This guild will be laid back and have an adult atmosphere. If you cannot handle certain words being said over vent or in game, no need to apply. If you cannot handle constructive criticism if you plan on being part of the raid team, DO NOT APPLY. We do not wish to carry people who do not want to better themselves in this game.

    Requirements :
    -Be Mature
    -Vent is required for the raid team
    -Be willing to learn and adapt
    -Be willing to take advice without taking it personally
    -HAVE FUN!

    We are here to have fun, and progress while doing so.

    If this sounds like a good home for you, please head on over to http://desolation-rift.guildlaunch.com and fill out an app! Happy adventures!

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    Sounds like y'all might be a good fit for Sinister Nation. My BF and I are co-leading the guild and we have numerous years of MMO experience as well. I myself played EverQuest for 5 years when it was launched and then switched to WoW when Vanilla launched in 2004. Feel free to take a look at the site.


    If you have any questions you can PM me here or on my guild site! ^_^

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