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Thread: Farm Status -- Recruiting (Copy + Paste from an old Thread)

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    Default Farm Status -- Recruiting (Copy + Paste from an old Thread)

    Farm Status
    Recruiting All Defiant Races/Classes/Professons
    www.farmstatus.com (Fresh site, be easy on her)

    Introducing Farm Status!

    A guild full of idiots that like to have fun.

    No seriously, we range in age from 21-40+ and well, just enjoy having fun. We tend to poke fun or even troll each other at times. Most of us have been playing together in WoW for approximately 5 years. Some 6. There are only about 15 of us planning to play Rift, with others transitioning periodically and more to come a month after release (they want to make sure it isn't another fly by night MMO).

    I am the guild leader, and have played literally every worthwhile MMO that has come out in the past 6 years for at least a week, and some as much as 6 months. I know what to expect of my members and what to warn newcomers of! I have been leading our guild throughout the duration, and I don't just make guild members out of people, I make friends. Part of my guild traveled cross country or even internationally to come to my wedding and that, is the type of relationship we end up with throughout the tears and drama bruises an MMO can bring.

    We plan to raid 10 and 20 man content as a casual-core guild. What does that mean? We will have 2-3 dedicated raid nights of about 3-4 hours each...I will likely require 2 out of the 3 nights. They will not be weekends and I will not bash you if you can't make it. I also don't kick people because of attendance, I just can't guarantee you won't lose a raid spot if it is a length absence. Real life things happen, and we understand. You must understand, the show goes on! We have been top of servers as well as bottom. We have been that guild as well. (you know, the ones that troll you until you call your mother crying). We also are not afraid to camp pests on the battlefield or war fronts.

    Basically, in a nutshell, we don't strive to be the best on the server. We strive to have fun and spend our time together in raids wisely. In WoW we were a hard mode guild, or tried to be as long as our server population allowed us.We also sometimes server transferred to try to find a new population to bleed members from. Any WoW player knows how that became frustrating, across the board! If you like a bunch of funny dudes having fun while killing people, our guild is for you. Some of us are laid back too, I promise. We plan to dive into PvP as well as PvE...but generally PvE is our main focus. We don't rush for server firsts, but if it happens it happens. Our goal is typically to see all content before its time for new content. That helps us set a moderate pace that doesn't rake your coals constantly.

    If you cannot handle crude humor or being made fun of when you stand in the fire too much, this guild isn't for you. IF you don't realize everyone makes mistakes, but multiple of the same mistakes is a bad habit, then this guild is not for you. There will be a superfluous amount of guilds out there if our boundaries read to be outside of your guild-picking flow chart.

    If you want to have fun, hear us pick on our beloved Pahncakes non-stop, and like some dry but sometimes pervasive humor...while killing bosses, apply to Farm Status! We will require you to get in vent and talk to us. You will discover quickly if you fit in. We are not elitist, I just like to unveil who we are with honesty. Choosing a guild can be a tedious process, and you don't want to get invested and realize "Man, these guys are too childish", then have to go through the process again. People who join rarely quit, and that's because we are so much fun! Ha.

    I DO NOT want this to come across as not wanting team players. All of us are team players and will be contributing to crafting as well as raid consumables. If you cannot stay out of fire or start to argue mid-raid, we typically just remove you and mute you in Ventrilo until the raid is over. If it becomes a habit, you will get kicked. Everyone has moments and concerns. We understand. Just know we will NOT cater to your or anyone's needs based on crying. Decisions are only made in the guilds best interest, even if that means kicking someone.; however, we will help you do anything but we will not carry you! I will not be afraid to kick you if it is necessary.This is a new game, enjoy it!

    TLDR: We have fun. We make you laugh at others expense, sometimes your own and sometimes ours. We kill bosses. We kill players. We have fun. If you want to have fun and not put up with a bunch of carrying or catering to horrid players, apply.

    I look forward to seeing you in Telara, friends and foes alike!

    (Note: We were the original Farm Status, formed around patch 1.6 in World of Warcraft (that's why we have ownership of the domain and they do not!). We later took on new names because we kept getting confused with another Farm Status that formed during Burning Crusade on Rexxar. Please do not confuse us with them! We are in no way affiliated. )

    We will focus on EST and CST prime times. So between 8 EST and 12 EST is a good place to start and where we have raided in the past. I also do not plan to be a 100+ player zerg guild. I want just enough to get the job done efficiently.

    Guild Leader
    <Farm Status>
    PvE guild with PvP desires.
    (EST/CST will be the timezones of focus)

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    We have hotdogs and donuts....

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    Invite ScoobaSash bros. I'm a really good bow guy.

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    Your posts haven't gotten any less long winded.

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