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Thread: <Virtuosity> is now recruiting!

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    Default <Virtuosity> is now recruiting!

    <Virtuosity>, a sister guild of the other popular MMO, World of Warcraft, has opened its doors on Rift for end-game raiding and PvP!

    <Virtuosity> was formed in December 2009 on World of Warcraft when a group of IRL friends decided they wanted to take raiding to the next level. Since then, we have been actively raiding, pushing content to the limit and accomplishing all that we have envisioned goal-wise. We have taken the next step further to branch out into Rift to continue our renowned reputation into becoming one of the best guilds on the server progression - and PvP - wise. All our officers have reached the pinnacle of end-game raiding in other MMOs, and are taking our expertise of raid leading to the next level.

    Who we're looking for:

    We are looking for players who want to take their raiding experience to new heights. Those who do
    not view being server, U.S or even world first as unobtainable, but rather as a challenging task that can be accomplished if you work hard enough. We're looking for talented individuals who have extensive raiding experience and excel at their calling / souls.

    What does <Virtuosity> offer?
    • Competitve raiding with a guild leader and officers who know the meaning of pushing progression to the absolute limit while having fun at the same time.
    • A guild built on transparency and honesty, as well as a friendly community of friends who love to set out and accomplish goals.
    • A fair, non-biased, non-corrupt loot system. DKP earned per raid scales off your raid attendance %.

    Potential applicants must exhibit the following characteristics:
    • Consistency: Our raid attendance requirement is 90% but we are looking for players who plan to have their attendance % higher than the minimum requirement.
    • Experience: We are looking for players who know what it takes to be the best.
    • High situational awareness: We are looking for players who are always aware of their surroundings.
    • Strong problem solving skills: Players who are able to think on their feet and able to adapt accordingly to the worst scenarios.
    • Good attitude: We're not looking for people who are miserable about life. We don't want players who are going to constantly complain about situations that arise but rather try and pacify the situation in a professional manner.
    • Resiliency: We want players who are going to be able to bounce back strong from disappointing wipes.

    Raid Times:

    Tues through Thurs 6:30 - 11:00 PM CST.

    Due to us raiding for such a short period, we'd ask that everyone is online, ready to go for invites. We also ask that, since our time is valueable, we not waste time and utilize our time to the max.

    For more information, take a look at our site or shoot an e-mail to our guild's e-mail: VirtuosityRift@gmail.com

    Thanks for reading and good luck to all!
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    Only a few more hours left until the early start begins.

    Thanks for the e-mails some of you have sent me with your questions. We're still recruiting people for leveling to 50 and raiding.

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