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Thread: The Eternal Watch

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    Default The Eternal Watch

    The Eternal Watch is officially moving to Keenblade and recruiting!

    Started over 13 years ago within Asheron's Call 1, the guild has progressed through AC1, AC2, Lineage 2, Horizons, Age of Conan, Aion, and World of Warcraft with many members having known each other for over a decade or more.

    The guild is now setting up shop within Rift (while still maintaining its WoW side of the house as well on Icecrown). The guild has had upwards to over 750 unique members at its peak and continues to maintain a strong population of members within the various games common to all of us.

    The guild has a strong Friends and Family mature atmosphere at its foundation. We abhor "1337 sp34k" and guild chat is kept at a PG-13 level as many members have their children and other family members playing. Our focus ultimately is end-game raiding, having reached the top 5 bracket of raiding guilds on Icecrown several time within WoW's history, and wish to continue our success within Rift. We have both raiders and casual members and we do NOT require people to raid, but if you DO raid, you are asked to to do your best. In addition, we have several members who PVP on a regular basis; however, our primary focus will be raiding once people reach end-game.

    The guild typically raids EST (usually 8-11pm); however, if sufficient members from the west coast are available, we have been known to set up two raid groups!

    For those interested, please read our Code of Conduct to see if you may have a fit with us!

    For more information, visit our web site at: http://the-eternal-watch-rift.guildlaunch.com
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