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Thread: The Sentinels are Coming to Faeblight

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    Default The Sentinels are Coming to Faeblight

    I stand before you, and all others, a mere man from a once proud house. We are sinking to the brink of despair and destitution for the sins of our fathers. We are suffering for the cause of a needless civil war. This war is fueled by a ravenous greed which has squandered the prosperous world which we once knew and loved.

    Each day these Rifts grow stronger. Each day our people and our planet wither closer to destruction. Each day we distance ourselves from our destiny: the Golden Age as proclaimed by the Vigil! However, these are times without recourse and, although our destiny awaits, it's path is unclear. The Defiant, those godless sons of ******, would have us waste our lives and our time. The Defiant claim the planet's salvation must be secured without the favor of the gods.

    We Sentinels, the Guardians of Telara, know that true salvation can only be won through regaining the favor of the gods by destroying the corruption that has plagued our house. Reunited, with the gods again at our sides, we will cast away the same demons which threatened our homes in days gone by.

    Now we face a three front war: against the endless Rift that punish our lands, against the Godless Defiant whose actions only hinder our progress, and against the corruption of man. We fight to salvage the honor stolen, and to regain the favor of the gods who have so long since forsaken us. Would you see our world torn apart or will you fight to vanquish all evil from Telara? Will you fight to reclaim all that we hold dear: our Strength and Honor? Will you join us and lead Telarians to our rightful destiny?


    Greetings Traveler! Sentinels Online Gaming are pleased to announce we will be coming to Rift!

    About the Sentinels in Rift:

    We are a mature community
    We will be launching on a Sunrest (RP-PVP) and Faeblight (RP-PVE)
    We are NA Based but have a small EU community (Myself included)
    We are RP Lite or RP Friendly, that is to say we have Roleplayer's but have no expectations of members other than to respect RP in general

    • Are you tired of guild hopping through MMO's? The Sentinels currently have a roster of hundreds of active members spanning across multiple games; We are seeking member's who are dedicated to the entire community and wish to play with the same group of friends throughout their online gaming career.
    • Applicants must register on our forums
    • Applicants must read and agree to our charter and fill out an application.
    • Must be 18+ years of age (No Exceptions!)
    • We have a large Ventrilo server that we utilize for voice comm's for all our divisions, Ventrilo is encouraged but not mandatory with the exception of large group activities I.E. Raids and such where you just need to listen and take direction effectively.

    Current Divisions:
    • Rift
    • Age of Conan
    • EVE Online
    • Star Trek Online
    • World of Warcraft
    • Final Fantasy XIV

    Upcoming plans include these games:

    • Star Wars: The Old Republic (Galactic Republic and Sith Empire)
    • TERA Online
    • Guild Wars II

    For more information please visit us @ www.the-sentinels.net
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    Hey I know those guys...

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    This is a great location to hang out and meet great people.

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