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    Vindicate is currently recruiting!

    Vindicate was formed January 2010 by people from several MMO raid guilds as well as from casual guilds. We are a mature guild, 18+ minimum, that will be focused on raiding end game content 2 to 3 nights a week.

    We will also have a friends and family aspect of the guild where everyone is welcome for those that just want to enjoy the game and are not looking for a raid spot.

    The primary focus for the Raid force will be progression with a positive attitude. We expect to have wipes while learning the encounters and require everyone to remain helpful and constructive.

    As a raid member you will be expected to learn your class and want to always improve. Be able to take constructive criticism. Consistently show up to raids on time and prepared. Everyone's time is important and it is rude to make them wait on you. You made a commitment to them and should deliver.

    - Vent will be required for raiding.
    - Raid times will be 8est for roughly 4 hours, 2 to 3 nights weekdays.
    - Raiders must be prepared and on time.
    - DKP loot system.
    - Adult humor and language to a point. We are adults and are capable of having adult conversations.
    - No drama

    So if you are interested check us out at www.riftvindicate.guildnow.com and feel free to contact Tett or Tobby.
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