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Thread: Bound by Blood [Medium RP - All Timezones - Guardian]

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    Default Bound by Blood [Medium RP - All Timezones - Guardian]

    Guild Name: Bound by Blood
    Guild Leader: Alyvrae/Blythe and Ikiriyio
    Guild Ambassadors: Tobias, Dementzia/Meduda/Other Alts
    Guild Website: riftbbb.guildlaunch.com


    Basic Alignment: Guardian-Aligned
    Guild Roleplay Style: Medium


    Alignment: Neutral-Good
    Religion/Philosophy: Bound by Blood adheres to the beliefs of the Guardians. They believe in The Vigil, and all members a free to worship or revere any benevolent god that they choose. Religion is not forced upon those in the guild, but it is greatly looked down upon to be a 'non-believer', and anyone who does not believe in the power of The Vigil will probably be treated differently (read: worse) than members who do.
    History: TBA
    Motivations: We seek the rekindling of peace on Telara through the destruction of the Blood Storm. The forces of Regulos must be destroyed!
    Disposition: Generally, Bound by Blood is a guild of open-hearted spirits who will happily offer their assistance to any Telaran in need. We are also generally 'non-hostile' (that doesn't mean nice) to Defiants who are non-provocative towards us. However, we will show NO mercy to the minions of Regulos and his Blood Storm.
    Outlook: Mostly optimistic, but we are also realists. We have hope that by the might of The Vigil and the power of the Guardians, the Blood Storm will be defeated and the denizens of Telara will be reunited under once banner again one day. However, we will not blind ourselves to the facts of Telara's dire situation and will do whatever is necessary to defend the future.

    • Faction: TBA
      Faction: TBA
      Faction: TBA


    Rumor: A fierce band of Guardian warriors. There are whispers on the street of the guild, and those who speak of it either speak in reverence or indifference. Those who revere it obviously agree with our cause, and those who speak apathetically towards us might disagree with our willingness to offer repentant Defiant persons a second chance.
    Rumor: N/A


    OOC Description: We are a guild dedicated to having fun in RIFT, and not everything stated here is completely set in stone just yet. We have established the framework for our lovely guild and are hoping to find a few people willing to help us shape what Bound by Blood will truly be. We want to get our members actually involved in creating and shaping the guild over time, instead of having no control over the direction of the guild when it comes to RP. As time goes on and RP plotlines present themselves, the guild may very well change slightly this way, or slightly that way. We want to make this guild an innovative, proactive experience to RP and the game itself!

    You should also know that RP will not be enforced in BBB, but is greatly supported. Like I stated above, one doesn't have to be an RPer to be included in BBB but they must respect RP and the environment we create for it. We hope to foster RP for everyone, not just established RPers. By creating a casual atmosphere like this we hope to introduce community members who have never experienced RP before to the genre, and foster a community of great individuals willing to do some awesome collaborative RP in this beautiful world that TRION has made for us.

    What should a prospective applicant know before applying?: Bound by Blood is lead by two very dedicated people who will do everything in their power to make sure that you have fun each and every time you log in. We are dedicated to making our guildies feel like they truly have a place among us. It's important to us that everyone is treated fairly OOC, and that everyone has a good time!

    As we grow larger and larger and as the headstart approaches, you will notice a lot of RP open storylines opening up on our forums and on Rift Roleplayers. We would like all of our prospective members to have a chance to help shape the guild with us. What this means is that by participating in these early storylines, you're going to help us mold the guild and its direction. We want YOU to have a part in the history and storyline of the guild itself, so jump in!
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    My characters for Live servers are now: Lucian, Saldore, Meduda, Meduli. I am one of the recruiting officers. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

    I am known as Dementzia_P at our guild website riftbbb.guildlaunch.com
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    Faeblight server

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    More and more RP events are happening right now...

    We will be setting a weekly RP-PvE Rifts raid run...
    Also one of our members is working to do IC instance run

    We are also working on dynamic story arcs that should appear in 2 months.
    Every role players should join Rift RP
    I am Tobias [Guardian]

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