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Thread: Looking for a great Family to Rift / Raid /and do Dungeons with!!

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    Smile Looking for a great Family to Rift / Raid /and do Dungeons with!!

    Guild Name: Crazed Misfits

    Player Faction: Guardian
    Player Race: Any
    Server: Greybriar (PvE)

    Founding Group: Been together from WAR- Aion,WOW Leader has been leading since the days of EQ
    Leadership: Daega
    Community Type: Family/Mature
    Play Style: Family that gets things done like a hardcore guild just without being hardcore
    Play Focus: Quests. Dungeon, Raiding and Rifting (as well as some PvP)

    Recruitment: Open
    Head Start Target Guild Size: 10 - 20 active members (prelaunch)
    Target Guild Size: 20 - 30
    Time Expectations: TBA
    Time Zones: All North American
    Raid Times: TBA
    Dungeon Times: TBA

    Guild mind set: As a family we will strive to help all in guild out if we are able to. Doesnt mean beg at all times. Some things we all should just be able to do on our own. As a family we will gear everyone up, not leaving anyone behind. If we get new members at a later date that need gear well we all know the drill we go back and run some stuff we have done before to get them geared to help out with what we are working on. If needed we will have a DKP sytem but not sure as of now if that will be needed.

    Domain: CM Guardians
    Communication: Ventrilo, Guild Forums
    Vent Information:
    SerName - CM Guardians
    Ht/IP -
    Pt - 3008
    Pw - gambit

    Please Note: If you are interested in joining our family, feel free to put in an app on the website and join our Vent server anytime you want after head start goes live and dont forget to identify yourself as a prospective member. Hopefully when you come on there will be an officer online to handle any questions you might have.
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    From my understanding, you are laid back yet interested in some PvE progression. If that's the case I'll wait till raid schedule has been defined to make a decision. Cleric or Bard here.
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    A schedule for raiding at this point when we are all lvl 1 isnt really real. Once we all get closer to the lvl needed to raid we will then deside on what times and nights as a guild so that everyone will have a chance to at least make it once or twice a week.

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    Honestly , its not hard to figure out the Raid deal , due to the fact your use to doing raid at certain times in other games.
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    Thats true im used to certain times in other games but seeing that we have alot of new faces in Rift and we are a family and as a family we need to see what times fit this family what fit my familys in other games means nothing here.

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