Tripping the Rifts is what is known as a "Casual or Family" oriented guild. We are focused on enjoying the game. You will not find mandatory raiding or participation requirements. We want to enjoy the game and see what all this content is that we are paying for.

We are a brand new guild but are not really a RP guild in the true Role Playing sense, though we will RP at times. RP servers just seem to have alot more community involvment and less "l33t sp3ak" players.. we can hope.....

1. No DKP. We believe in sharing, not counting who happen to be there.

2. No Required Raid Attendance. It's a game, and I don't need another job!

3. No BS in Guild Chat . I swear, one more comment "They took this from WoW" or "I R Er33t" and pow, to the moon Alice!

4. No minimum hours per week. See above about the job. Mine has on call, so if I have to choose between game and pay check... and family wins all the time.

5. No whiners. Well, no excessive whining. There are good kinds of wine.. oh wait.. thats different...

6. No cry babies. Except for real infants, and then only in PvE. There is no crying in PvP.

We enjoy whatever game we are playing and hopefully have a great time with guild mates, friends and family. We are based on a PvE server to allow those that do not like PvP to be included with those that do. We are Guardians, but do allow "Double Dipping" because, hey, your the one who is paying to have fun. We do want you to be an a valued member and spend all your time with us, but we understand folks want to explore and try "the other side" out too. Maybe we will look into a Double Dip sister guild for Defiant.... The possibilities are endless!

We plan our focus as a US guild and will be on during US times (since alot of us do live here), but welcome anyone, anywhere, anytime who would like to join us!

Basically, the rules are simple ... have fun, be polite, try to help out your fellow guild mates and other folks you meet along the way.

If your interested, you can contact me via PM here or on our website.
No matter where you go though, keep Tripping the Rifts!!