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Thread: Group of 3 seeks mature guild with PvE focus in cst or pst timezone

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    Default Group of 3 seeks mature guild with PvE focus in cst or pst timezone

    Preferably pst, or a cst guild that starts a little later than right after work hours. We enjoy PvP, but warfronts are usually enough for feed that appetite.

    I've been playing tank and healer in the betas so that I know what to expect out of the two classes should I fill one of those roles during a raid or group. If the guild needs tanks or healers, I will roll that class for head start. The other two have been playing mage(nukes) and rogue(ranger) and will probably stick to those classes.

    We are looking for a guild that won't give us crap about raid attendance if we miss a whole week, but still holds their members to a high standard of professionalism when playing with each other AND other players.

    None of us are elitists and we despise the trash that comes from 4chan. I have a semi-foul mouth and the others are pretty civil. We all use voice communication (application doesn't matter to us) and are courteous to others.

    I look forward to talking to anyone who thinks we may be a good addition to their group.

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    Check us out, we would love to have ya!

    Former Monarch in Asheron's Call (The Gathering on Solclaim) for 5 years.
    Former GM of Casual Raiding guild in WoW (6 years). http://www.wowno.com
    GM of Novus Orsa guild on Shatterbone. http://www.therifts.com

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