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Thread: Soul Eating Kittens...we have pizza and nachos

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    Default Soul Eating Kittens...we have pizza and nachos

    Hey all, Soul Eating Kittens is an adult guild with active players involved in various aspects of the game. Want raiding? So do we! Want instances? Let's get 'em done. PvP matches? I'll challenge you to a duel where you stand as warm up, lol. The point is, we're into everything this game has to offer and then some. We are a laid back bunch of people that are looking to have a good time with others. We not only have vent but also...wait for it...pizza n nachos. Well actually, I get all the food but will definitely tell you how good it is. Join, you know you want to

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    Welcome to Gnarlwood!

    Aww offering pizza and nachos is just unfair..now I have to go find some or switch sides!

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