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Thread: <Vox Eternus> is now recruiting - AEST (GMT+10) - Oceanic Based Guild

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    Wink <Vox Eternus> is now recruiting - AEST (GMT+10) - Oceanic Based Guild

    Vox Eternus is a Casual and Social guild whos current aim is to just put a fun social group of casual players together to be friends, level in parties, dungeons, pvp groups, and then eventually start to look to more serious stuff like raiding once the levelling is up there.

    We are NOT a hardcore guild, and we value a friendly environment more than one hell bent on progression.

    That said, we still have plans to progress but at our own rate. Until we are ready for that, we will enjoy questing, dungeon crawls, rifts and invasions, and being able to go defiant hunting in the open world.

    If this sounds like a guild you'd be suited to, put in an App and we will talk to you soon

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