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    Default Invictus

    No militant attitudes
    Mature players with a side of smart @$$

    Not going to hold your hands for the first couple of weeks at open. (Being helpful is WAY different than needing your hand held.) Too much to learn and do to work our toons. But other than that, very helpful. Experienced through level 50 dungeons as testers.

    We Enjoy the dungeons and we are seeking those willing to raid. Also be ready to come to the call of PvP. Some quest hubs will need to be violated and we welcome other guilds to join us in this occasional adventure.

    Hopefully seeking those who are outgoing enough to both ask to start a group instead of expecting to be inserted into one and willing to learn about their characters.

    Our core is Not elitists - but damn solid players who joke and tease each other.

    Edit Temp Web site: http://top.spruz.com/

    Members expected to do some Ganking and be ganked without crying - Members shunned and ridiculed for Griefing
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