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    Default Virtue Gaming

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    Quick Facts:
    Play style: PvE/PvP/Raid - we support it all
    Timezones: Mainly EST through PST but also European and Oceanic times as well
    Communication: Forums and Ventrilo
    Leaders: Cal, Laurence, Vipurr
    Website: www.virtuegaming.com

    Our Mission
    We strive to maintain a mature, helpful, generous and kind group of players. We encourage the inviting of close family and friends of all ages to our community and we have separate forums and Ventrilo channels to provide age appropriate discussions environments. The overall goal of Virtue is to have fun; after all this is a game. What constitutes fun in a game is different for each person so we will actively support all playing styles. A guild is a group you join for support as well as the social aspects, so we have a government structure in place to assure both the health of the community and the development of our members.

    Our full charter can be found here

    About Us
    Virtue Gaming was founded in July of 2009 by Laurence and Cal with the idea of creating a community that was both supportive and competitive. The main goal behind Virtue Gaming is to offer a gaming environment that supports all playing styles, offer a place for members from all walks of life to socialize, and to complete any content that any game offers. We support both PvE and PvP content. We have organized events that we schedule through our website calendar and also participate in spur-of-the-moment grouping for raids and world events. We understand life happens and we are a very relaxed environment that allows for flexibility in individual schedules.

    If you are interested in learning more about Virtue Gaming, more information can be found on our website at http://www.virtuegaming.com. You can also contact Calitar, Laurence or Vipurr in game with any questions. If you would like to apply to be a part of Virtue Gaming, you can apply here.
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    LIVE date is here !!!

    Founder Virtue

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