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Thread: <Honorclad Defenders> is recruiting!

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    Default <Honorclad Defenders> is recruiting!


    First of all, welcome to RIFT! We hope you have a blast in this game, no matter what you guild you choose. We're sure having fun!

    Honorclad Defenders is a Rift guild founded pre-launch (Beta), of the Defiant faction on the Wolfsbane PvE server. Our goal is to experience everything that Rift has to offer, from grouping/questing to crafting to end-game raiding, and everything in between, amongst a group of friends who are mature, knowledgeable and skilled at the game, without the pressure or drama of the stereotypical “hardcore” guild. Honorclad Defenders believes in creating an environment of mutual respect, skillful play, and fun amongst like-minded players.


    Our members come from all walks of life, some with families, some without, but all remember that real life comes first.

    We welcome applications from Rift players on Wolfsbane who are at least 18 years of age. Players under 18 may be permitted to apply with prior leadership approval.

    Applications for raiding with Honorclad Defenders will be a separate process, so even if you're not interesting in raiding at this time, you're still more than welcome to apply! We're a great choice for families/friends where not everyone raids!

    Currently, we have a strong late night presence (often grouping after 11:00pm EST/8:00pm PST), but we are looking to expand our presence into other times as well. Many of us are already available earlier in the evening.

    If you'd like to learn more about us, visit http://www.honorcladdefenders.com. Our Guild Charter explains what we're looking for in our applicants, and our Application Guide walks you through our recruiting process. You're also more than welcome to send a tell/whisper to "Kethaera" in game, or PM me on the forums here!

    We look forward to hearing from you!



    Recruitment for the General Roster is open to all roles/builds.

    To be edited as necessary

    TANK: Open
    HEALER: Open
    CASTER: Open
    MELEE: Open
    UTILTY: Open


    "Honorclad Defenders' founding core are an expatriate EQ2 guild of skilled players and raiders, with diverse MMO backgrounds, and a casual but serious approach to gameplay. Casual but serious is how we've come to describe being laid-back on the whole, but approaching end-game content with every intent to kill. We each strive to deliver our personal best."

    ~ Vyv, Honorclad Defenders Raid Officer
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    (Wow, Keth - nice post, and pretty fast getting it out there - well done!)

    We'll update this thread in the future as raid force requirements start to narrow; for now, we do have room for pretty much any Callings and Roles to level up with us and form the initial core raid force.

    As always, recruitment for the general guild roster is open.

    See you in game!
    Vyv ~ Defiant Cleric

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