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Thread: [Any shard] <Seirios> looking to fill weekly BOS squad

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    Default [Any shard] <Seirios> looking to fill weekly BOS squad

    <Seirios> LF T2 raiders for 3/3 BOS
    Time: Sat. 5 & 6pm server (2 groups back to back)

    We are filling our 2nd BOS squad and currently looking for off tank and dps. This raid is aim to be a get-it-done group, while everyone is expected to be at least fine at mechanics and dpsing, what we really looking forward is a relaxing and happy group chemistry through the raid time. We looking for raiders from any shard, guild join is not required as we will be using Discord as main communication tool for raid arrangement.

    Roles available:
    dps (rogue or cleric would be a plus)
    off tank (prima pseudo or cleric defi/rogue bard off tank would be a plus)

    Respectful to others, absolutely drama & politics free;
    Guild join is NOT required, Discord IS required;
    Consistency is expected unless for real life issues.
    Minimum 1.1m dps on 72 raid dummy, with food/stones;
    Know basic mechanics on all 3 bosses;
    Multi-speced toon would be a plus;

    In-game: Ryuukou@GB, Ryuukoubliss@GB; both pm or mail;
    Discord: Ryuukou da best Bunny#5489;
    Discord server link (permanent): https://discord.gg/rY3auuda7h

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    Default So nice

    Lets Kill things

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