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Thread: Open RP Event: Pit Fights, RP Newbies welcome 7/25 @ noon US Central

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    Wink Open RP Event: Pit Fights, RP Newbies welcome 7/25 @ noon US Central

    <Council of Ages> is sponsoring a /rolls combat RP event on Faeblight in the Cosmic Wino dimension at noon o'clock central standard time.
    We're offering this as a starter event in resuming our DM'ed RP schedule and just seeing what happens.
    Anyone is welcome to come and social RP, or get their feet wet with our /rolls combat hand to hand duels. This is a great opportunity to come and spectate some faeblight role play and see if this is something you might want to do!

    If you want to know more about us as a guild, feel free to reach out to Duskwren@faeblight or see our forums at ages.shivtr.com.
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    Great event, thank you for having us! We look forward to seeing more faces in the future!

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    I missed this event, nice to see people back at it again, might make it next time!

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