Rebellicious is an international gaming community for 30plussers. We aim to provide a fun, mature and well organized gaming environment. In Rebellicious we like to do things our own way. You will not find us racing to the highest level or eating through new content in a day or two. Instead we enjoy, explore and evolve in our own pace. We strive to be an easy going community that within set outlines, basically runs itself. If you are the type of gamer embraces the guild as their virtual home, adopts his guild mates as new best friends and is motivated to stick around for a long time, we might just be the guild for you.

To become a member you need to
  • be 30 years or older
  • have Discord (voice optional, text required)
  • enjoy both banter and good conversations
  • be the proud owner of a decent English vocabulary that does not include excessive swearing and cursing.

Our events are player-driven
Every member can start an event and add it to our calendar. The member becomes the organizer and is responsible for the activity. Other members can sign up for the event either on our website or on Discord, which are synced together. Events can entail anything. In Rebellicious you are in charge of – but therefore also responsible for – your own fun and gaming experience. To help our players out, we also have a few preset events like classic dungeon and raid runs for new and returning players and achievement hunters.

We would like to get back into endgame raiding but we are not there yet. Please take this in consideration when you apply. Of course you can always pug raids but it might be a while before we can do it as guild team.

Discord & website
We are using Discord as our main communication tool. In the members only section of our website you’ll find our forums, blogs, calendar and more. Every time we post something new on the website, an automatic update will be send to Discord, so you don’t miss out on anything.

The application form will request you continue with Discord. We recommend starting Discord first before you apply. That way you only need 1 login for our main communication tools and your roles on both platforms will be synct. If you don't have Discord yet, you can download it for free here.

If you feel it is about time you become Rebellicious too, fill out the application form.