Welcome to The Cheesy Chokonuts (T.C.C) lvl 22. We consider ourselves a casual raiding guild, who is also finding fun in doing PvP and everything else that rift has to offer. We are currently located on Typhiria on the EU Server.

We welcome all kind of players, pvpers, raiders or just casual ones regardless of what level you are.

Our main goal is to have fun and to enjoy the game on your own terms, even if that means playing alone or with others, as long as you have fun which is the most important thing.

Most of our guilders are active in the evenings, though members can be found online earlier during the day. We arrange guild events that include raids, usually at 6 pm server time. We do try to have some balance between raids and relaxation.

Our current raiding times are:
Thursdays (T1) Irotp + golems 4/4 and (T1) TDNM + minis 4/4;
Sunday's (T2) BoS 3/3

Raids are usually from 6 - 9 pm server time.
We curently looking for some bos ready dpsers of any class

If you wish to join please speak/send a tell in game to Burkoff, Marisun or Haxie or find us on guildfinder.