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Thread: 5 New Players Looking for Guild

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    Exclamation 5 New Players Looking for Guild

    I have a group of kinfolk I play these games with and we decided to give Rift another try after a couple years of not playing it.

    The server we played on no longer exists, and we switched to Seastone not knowing anything about the popularity of the servers. Obviously, we picked a dead server.

    So, along with putting it out here that the 5 of us need a guild to join I'm also asking the community which servers are worth playing on. I've done some digging through the forums and the two most active seem to be Deepwood and Faeblight.

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    Default Greybriar - Best Briar

    Hi Ignatious.

    I find a lot of activity on Greybriar. I know a number of fairly active guilds there. One thing you can do though is just play the game a bit. Even though your characters are "on Seastone", you can hop shards, party up with other people for any shard, get involved in cross shard chats, and so on. I suggest the chat channel Cross Events. Play a bit, meet some people, and I'm sure you can find a guild that works well for you all.

    I'm often around in game if you want to hit me up with questions, or you can message me on the forums here (but I'm slower to respond to those). See you in Telara!

    (I'm Syazrael@greybriar in the game)

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