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Thread: Dol Amroth looking to help

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    Default Dol Amroth looking to help

    We are one the oldest continuously operating and raiding guilds in the game. Our leadership is stable and our turnover is very low.

    We disbanded our progression team and have one team clearing BoS one night a week. The progression team just lost interest after clearing BoS for over 50 weeks in a row. The operating team has consistent attendance and is still enjoying the raid game.

    What I am proposing is that if you are in a guild that has faded below critical mass, or running such a guild, I would like to talk to you about either joining or merging into Dol Amroth.

    Merging into Dol Amroth has several benefits. We offer stable guild leadership, experienced and understanding raid leadership and a friendly atmosphere.

    If you are interested in waiting this entire mess out and want to keep playing with a group a great people please contact me individually or if you are a guild leader wanting to stop the bleeding and start enjoying the game again let me know by PM here, in game mail or just send a tell.

    Guild Leader - Dol Amroth
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