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Thread: Cleric healer looking for new guild

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    Default Cleric healer looking for new guild

    Recently returned after taking a break, old guild is dead and looking for a new one. Mainspec healer with tank as my offspec, Ideally looking at T1 clears and T2 progression raiding/clears.
    Preferred times 3pm - 8pm but times are no issue for couple of months at the moment.
    Just drop a message here and will reply when i can.

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    Looking for clerics to join (don't have any atm) as long as you're willing to play other roles/specs when needed.

    Raid Days / Times (IGSB Progression)
    Monday - Thursday
    7:30pm - 10:00pm Pacific Standard time

    For those in other time zones, it's:
    Central - 9:30pm - 12:00am
    Eastern - 10:30pm - 1:00am

    Schedule (Until IGSB)
    Wednesday - Bastion of Steel 8:00pm - 10:30pm PST (Join raid)
    Sunday - Raid Rift Essence Farming 7:30pm - 10:00pm PST
    Monday - Intrepid Rise of the Phoenix (Eternal catchup) 7:30pm - 10:00pm PST
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