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Thread: Looking for a guild (New to Game)

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    Default Looking for a guild (New to Game)

    Rift is my first MMO and i'm lvl 32 and i'm a cleric, i currently have 2 roles 1 is based on summoning and the other spell casting with high DPS / im looking for a guild as i need help learning about MMO's and Rift in particular.For more info send me a message and ill reply ASAP


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    Hi my name is Devailah. I am the GM of Epic Inquisition and would like to invite you to come check us out if you are still looking. We are a fun casual guild. We do end content and are a progression raiding guild. We help you learn, gear, and help level so if this sounds like something you would like come check us out you might find what you're looking for! Psst.. or check us out on GF. We look forward to hearing from you! Devailah

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