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Thread: 51 Necro/Mage Seeks Guild

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    Default 51 Necro/Mage Seeks Guild

    This recently dinged level 51 necro/mage is looking for an active guild on Faeblight. I'm online mostly during the day (Mountain time) but sometimes over the weekends and evenings. The ideal guild has active players online during these hours and enjoys chatting in game. I'm a bit old skool and don't do voice chats but I can use it for raids and whatnot if it's required. I'd like to explore some of the end game content. I've been playing off and on since release, but I have never had a character over 40, so this is new territory for me. I have a few quests for raids and things I simply cannot do on my own, so it would be nice to have some people willing to help me with them, and of course I will reciprocate and add my additional DPS. I'm also working on apothecary, fishing, survival, foraging and butchering, and am happy to help the guild or new guildies with anything I can cook up in those professions.

    I'm fairly flexible in my ideal guild search - the whole point of being a part of a guild is to enjoy it with other people while you are playing. I am so tired of being invited into a guild and being the only person online. That's a lonely life and counter to what I want, no matter what level the guild is or how fancy their dim is or any other perks they might offer. I want to be part of a group and have people to talk to about game stuff, or just stuff in general. Is there a guild like this anymore?

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    I understand you are looking on Faeblight, however you are at a level you can transfer shards for free. Last Alliance on Deepwood has anywhere from 20-50+ online at any given time. We have a ton of guild chatter in game, we do offer voice chat for added antics, and raids as you stated. I know voice isn't ideal for you, but for raids only is fine with us! The people in our guild are beyond helpful, we introduce people to raiding and go from there with a DRR/TDez night on Sundays, an IRotP/Golems/Minis/TDnm 1st boss only for the cape drop on Wed/Thursday, and a BOS progression on Saturday. All of these are 6:30 PM server time, and we also do SPE runs Tuesdays at 3:30 server time, but always willing to help. We help craft for you, and get you ready for endgame, unless youre casual and just like dim building or PVP we have tons of Dim Builders, PvPers, Raiders, Questers, Casual people. We are NOT elitists here, but we do get the job done, even if it takes an extra night or so. Checkout Last Alliance @ Deepwood!

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