Hi there,

I've been pugging a little on NA but that's no fun... My mage on NA is cp-capped, can play anything but Tank (DPS (1.1-1.2mil ST), Chloro, Archon (DPS/Fk/Chlorochon), Necrochloro).

Ideal raid time for me would be either Friday or Sunday NA time ... but I could also make it on Saturdays (usually 3 outta 4 weeks) and Mondays Oceanic.

What I'm looking for is a group that's either already 3/3 on one night or close ;) I'm clearing BoS 4-5 times on EU so I don't wanna start progressing again.

Ingame currently: Xlythen@Wolfsbane, but I'm not online too much apart from sending minions, stocking the AH and some T1 once in a while ;)