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Thread: Healer looking for raid team

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    Default Healer looking for raid team

    Hi There,

    I am just getting back into the game and lost my old guild. I have 4 lvl 70 toons, a Primalist (Main), Warrior, Mage,and Rogue as well as, a lvl 68 Cleric.

    I prefer healing. I am also willing to transfer if need be.

    Drop me a line or pm me in game. I will most likely be on Taenarhan my Primalist.

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    Hey there, if you are willing to transfer to Deepwood, we have a very active guild (Last Alliance) with raid nights on Sun, Wed/Thurs, and Sat at 6:30 PM server time. We do DRR/TDez on Sun, Wed we get to last boss of IRotP, Thursday we finish IRotp with those that need it for eternal and than go do golems/minis/first boss of TDnm for cape drops, and Sat we do a BoS progression. We also offer SPE runs on Tue at 3:30 server time, so we are all about gearing people, introducing them to raids, and getting them through endgame content! Checkout Last Alliance @ Deepwood on the guild finder!

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