We are a big guild on Deepwood, looking to recruit raiders. We currently have 1 full raid team, and are 4/4 on IRotP, and starting BoS progression. We run IRotP Thursdays at 6:30PM Server time, BoS is Saturdays at 6:30PM Server time, and we do DRR and TDez Sundays at 6:30 Server time. We use Discord, and are looking to start a second raid team and build from there.

We are accepting anything at the moment, tanks, healers, dps, support, any class.

I understand not everyone is a raider, and we have tons of other members for dimension building, questing the lore, anything that suites you. Check us out on Deepwood on the guild finder by searching Last Alliance, or find Hatemosh@deepwood, Yakub@deepwood, Arcticstone@deepwood, or Aggrodamus@deepwood.

We look forward to meeting you, and playing with you!