Hello, I am Balidorf and I am the GM of Unity a level 30 guild on Geldira in the EU.

Who we are:
A casual raiding guild of mostly "older" players. The majority of our players are 30+ in age and have played various other mmos over the years. We have a friendly community consisting of players that raid, Dimensioneers and general casual players that do various activities.
We raid several days a week (currently in Bastion of Steel) and although we are casual and relaxed in nature, we try to take raiding seriously so that we can do the best we can.

What we are looking for:
Our focus at the moment is to recruit players that are looking to raid end game content. We are additonally recruiting players who wish to do other types of content such as dimensions, pvp or even just picking up sparklies Just know that Unity is a relaxed, calm guild where we treat each other with respect and have a good time Playing Rift.

Our Raid Times:
Mondays 6:30pm SERVER time until 9-9:30pm SERVER time
Wednesdays: 6:30pm SERVER time until 9-9:30pm SERVER time

Our Raid Progress:
TD 4/4
iRotP 4/4
BoS 1/3

Who to contact:
In game send a mail/whisper to:
Balidorf @Gelidra