The Aphotic Order

The Aphotic Order is an 18+, alt and newbie friendly, Roleplay guild designed to be able to accept characters of all alignments. We utilize several systems developed specifically for Aphotic to help foster a wonderful environment for Roleplay.


Recruiting Status: Open
Guild Leader: Ryaad
Officers: Eliwynn

What We Are:

IC Aphotic is a two fold order. The outside and public aspect of the order is that of a group of heroes ready to fight threats to Telara. These heroes may not all follow the strictest moral code, but they fight for Telara. What is not well known is the truth that this order is in secret plotting to spread its influence throughout every corner of Telara and The Planes, aiming to one day impose its dominion over both.

Characters are able to join as an evil member of the inner circle of the order, or for less evil characters they can join as a member unaware of the order's true purpose. Neither option gives any authority over the other or greatly restricts roleplay. Both types of characters are greatly valued members OOC.

Aphotic also uses what is being called the "Champion System" where there are two sets of ranks. One set is for NPCs and the other is for PCs. PCs are called Champions. Champions are held to be different than the rank and file NPCs that comprise the regular military force of the order. Champions are selected because they are useful to the order for various reasons. It could be their ability to fight, their knowledge, their skills, or even just their potential. Effectively whatever makes your character them is able to qualify them IC to be a Champion. This system allows for the order to have an NPC force without worrying about how they fit into the IC ranking system.

If you are concerned about IC ranks, do not worry. The rank system is IC considered a "loose hierarchy" with various reasons why a lower rank would have authority over a higher rank in a situation. Aphotic is set up to allow a sense of progression within the order, but not inhibit roleplay.

Various systems are set up to create the roleplay environment Aphotic strives for, including a rolling system that values RP over mechanics (really, it does!) and others. Our guild site contains more in-depth information on these systems.