About Us:

Valhalla's Wrath is a casual, laid back progression guild currently working on gearing up our veterans and new players for raid content. We are a casual progressive raiding guild, meaning we don't have a hectic "hardcore" schedule like other guilds.


Recruitment is always open to any and everyone whether you are casual, sociable, or want to raid. We have no restriction on joining our guild, all that we ask is that you treat others with respect. We are currently looking for people to fill our core raiding group.

Classes & Roles:

Need everything.

Raid times

Friday & Saturday: 5:30 pm server to 7:30 pm server


In order to get an invite to the guild, all you have to do is visit us via the guild finder in game or send us an in game tell or contact us on discord which is listed below


We use discord for our voice chat, as well as guides and guild information. Our link is: https://discord.gg/T98PQ